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AID AFRICA PROJECTS Aid Africa Project is a non profit making organization which seeks to Save Life's, Transform Communities and Renew Hopes through complementary intervention projects and initiatives.

Our mission is to develop and demonstrate affordable, economically viable ways of providing aid to Africa to renew hopes.

Aid Africa Project is embarking on a Clean Water initiative (CWI) and this is purposed to provide communities with safe water. CLEAN WATER INITIATIVE

•We Are Currently Raising Funds For Our Clean Water Initiative Project Where We Provide A Water Plant System For Deprived Communities.

•We envision a world with healthy, thriving communities, each managing its own sustainable supply of safe water.

•CWI seeks to also provide Clean water intervention projects that improve living conditions for children and their families.

AID AFRICA FOUNDATION 💦CLEAN WATER INITIATIVE #Transforming Lives Through Projects And Initiatives #Together Let's make a difference

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