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What’s the Problem?

In Agotime-Adedome, the majority of the people in the area are food crop farmers. Farming at this level is Subsistence and therefore characterized by low outputs. The resulting incomes are low and these farmers are often unable to meet their household needs for the year. Investment is largely absent, or negligible. This acute situation determines that these people remain in a vicious cycle of poverty and unemployment: an exodus of youth migration, and food insecurity, typifying this. In order to support the community solve these problems, the organization has launched “A Community Cassava and Gari Processing Project”. Our primary objective is to support the community to grow an 80 acres cassava, to process some into gari, and for the selling of cassava to target factories and wholesalers, an idea enthusiastically supported by the people of Agotime-Adedome, since it will create an avenue for jobs creation, ensuring food security, and reducing youth migration to cities in search of non-existing greener pastures.

Project Objectives:

  • To support the community, set-up community 80 acres cassava farm towards food security for all.
  • To set-up a community micro-credit facility, to support the financially excluded community members with ready loans for business.
  • To build community resilient through inclusive community planning, investing in Agriculture, and strengthening local volunteerism for the community project.

Project Beneficiaries and Team leaders: The project will directly engage 100 people on the farm, 15 at the gari processing stage, 10 people in the selling of some of our raw cassavas in the market, 5 management teams from the organization, and an external advisor who is the Agriculture Director of the District.

Our Model: We have adopted a Social Enterprise Approach in order to contribute to making positive social impact for communities. The following represent how incomes or profits will be distributed: 30 % of profits from the project will be allocated for setting up a micro-credit facility that can be assessed by the financially excluded members within the community as loans in order to engage in petty trading, 40% allocated for workers’ wages, 25% of the profits will be allocated to the organization to sustain its future planning, and 5% of the profits will be allocated to the Chief’s Palace with thanks for its support in releasing the land for community farm project.

Project Sustainability: Our recurring revenue model adopted, (where the reinvestment or profits allocations - explained under our model) will help the organization sustain its projects and will enable us to be financially sustainable without depending on external donors, in the long run. This will also help us scale up the project to other communities within 2 – 3 years.

Required Capital: The community cassava and gari processing project requires an estimated capital of 66,300.00 to enable the organization fully implement its activities and achieve our target project objectives.

Our Special Message to You: We believe, together, we can transform the community economically and bring positive change in the lives of everyone in the community through our community farm project. This is why, we are inviting you to help support our mission with any amount. Together, we transform. Thank You!!!

For more info. Contact: Executive Director, Vozbeth K. Azumah, Tell: +233204495570 Email: vozbeth020@gmail.com

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