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The Problem

Less than 10% of all college grads in Ghana are integrated into formal employment within one year of graduation. Many experts have proven that educational systems have not kept pace with the changing nature of work, resulting in many employers saying they cannot find enough workers with the skills they need. According to the African Development Bank Group, 10-12 million youth seek to enter the workforce each year but only 3 million jobs are created. Even when jobs are available, youth often do not have the skills required by employers.

The Solution

SFAN is a high impact social enterprise that bridges the gap between education and work. Through SFAN's Readyforwork Career Coaching Program, entry-level job seekers and young/aspiring entrepreneurs are equipped with the skills and connections necessary to gain employment and contribute to a highly productive workplace. Readyforwork Career Coaching Program is a 6-week intensive talent accelerator that enables entry-level job seekers to unlock their entrepreneurial or employment potentials. Through personalized educational content crafted by experts, one-on-one coaching, and team conversations, participants are equipped with practical skills and exposed to real-world projects that empower them to take ownership of their career aspirations and grow in confidence that yields success. As a result, SFAN will help these high potential candidates to secure job opportunities or launch their own ventures. Watch and learn how SFAN's training programs are impacting young people.

Fund Use & Impact

SFAN is seeking the sum of $30,000 to equip 100 young Ghanaians with job readiness skills at zero upfront cost. To date, the impact of SFAN's work has reached over 15 million people in over 20 countries. In 16 major events (including the first-ever Student Entrepreneurship Week in Ghana) and other in-person/online mentoring programs, we have trained over two thousand young people and created over 500 jobs and business opportunities. Participants in the pilot edition of Readyforwork Career Coaching Program acknowledged an improvement in their skills while some received job offers immediately after the training.

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