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Ghana produces 1.7 million tonnes of plastic waste annually of which over 3000 tonnes are produced in Accra with less than 40% collected!! This leads to environmental diseases such as malaria, cholera as well as diarrhea. Our Environment is in danger and we need to solve this issue together! Environment360 has been able to recover over 600 metric tonnes of plastic and paper waste since inception in 2013. Its been over 5 years and we need to do more; we need your support to change the status quo.

You can help keep our doors open and create jobs through our community waste picking projects. This will aid to boost the practice of a circular economy and environmental education for children in coastal and urban regions by supporting our fundraising of GHS150,000

Your donation is highly appreciated and will benefit 1,000,000 children in the next five years. Part of the reason Environment360 could credibly make this claim is, before this campaign, we have already reached approximately 65,000 children through our various initiatives such as education on proper waste management and waste segregation. With funds from the campaign, we would provide 300 waste bins for schools at GH75,000; training and business development support to boost the livelihood of waste pickers with GHS75,000 and recover over 4000 tons of recyclable waste from our communities.

We depend on the support of our communities; without them, Environment360 will be non-existent! We continue to invite you to strengthen us, so we can keep the cycle going and continue to evolve.

Thank you in advance for your donation and service to make Ghana Green.

God bless us all and bless our homeland Ghana!

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