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Get real value for the convenience and security. We charge a fee, totalling 5%, to take care of payment processing fees and other platform charges.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who pays the fee? Campaigner or donors?

It is entirely free of charge for donors to contribute to your cause. Our fees are charged on the total amount of funds raised and are entirely borne by the campaigner. You may want to cater for our fees in your campaign goal amount.

How do I pay the fees?

Fees are deducted directly from your funds once you request a withdrawal. That means the amount we send to your bank or mobile money account is less the amount we charge as fees. You will see the breakdown when requesting withdrawal.

Do you have any exemptions for fee payment?

Yes. We exist to make it super easy for you to run your social and economic causes. PayPutt waives fees for some selected causes as part of our social responsibility. The campaigns we select are entirely our discretion and we're under no obligation to waive your fees. Contact us if you believe your campaign deserves a waiver.

How do I withdraw my funds?

You can withdraw your funds by logging into your PayPutt account, clicking on your avatar at the top right corner and "My Campaigns" on the my campaign page, you can redeem proceeds for any campaign you have created.

How long does it take to get withdrawn funds?

Withdrawn campaign funds should typically hit your bank or mobile money account within 24 hours provided we are able to verify your identity without issues. Please ensure all identity and contact details you send to us are correct.

How do you ensure my funds are safe?

Our systems are built with security in mind. Also we ensure your identity and in some cases additional documents are verified before any fund withdrawal is authorized. That way, your funds are safe and accessible by only you. It is however your responsibility to keep your account password and username safe.

Questions? Comments? Suggestions?

Please contact us at support@payputt.com should you have any further enquiries, suggestions or complaints.

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