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There Are An Estimated 24.9 Million People Trapped In Forced Labor Via Human Trafficking Worldwide. Over 70% of #HumanTrafficking victims are women & girls.

According to the AHTU, 61 percent of all trafficking cases reported in Ghana were labor-related, while 39 percent were sexual exploitation cases. In June 2009, the government convicted three Chinese nationals of trafficking eight Chinese women to Ghana for exploitation in prostitution.

CNN recently showed a controversial documentary about children trafficking and slavery which is under debate Globally.

We recognize that in order to combat issues of trafficking in persons and sexual and human right oppression, we need your support.

I am raising a seed fund to kickstart by:

1.Renting Office
2. Legally Register the Organisation

3. Start rescuing and caring for the oppressed.

How we intend operating

1. We will acquire a toll-free line to make our office accessible to victims

2. We will work in conjunction with the appropriate body to rescue victims.

3. We will take care and support victims so till they are safe or independent

We will be happy to see you become part of our anti-trafficking charity.

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