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6th June 2017, i went to Tumu Ghana for a private meeting. I came in contact with this young girl studying alone under a mango.i asked why she is not in school and she replied she is on her period and her parents couldn't afford to buy a sanitary pad. I asked her again isn't any other way to contain it to school, and she said, You can’t  because you feel uncomfortable with the cotton wool and if friends start laughing at you because your uniform is spoiled with blood, the shame alone could put you out of school”. I bought her and went to the a local school to to enquire about the situation. "Is a holiday for every girl when she is on her period" a teacher said

Tumu which is the the district capital for the sissala East district is one of the poorest towns in ghana. The young girls who can't afford to buy such basic stuff as sanitary pads, turn to guys and older men who trade money for sex, the study concluded. This results in the rising teenage pregnancy and vulnerability to sexually transmitted infections. So I took this opportunity to launch a campaign to raise funds in supporting young girls to stay in school. I need more support for this Godly course.

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