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Since 2012 many of us sacrificed our time, jobs, money and comfort to work in slums. We successfully enrolled lot of Children into several schools and empowered Rural women and teen mothers in vocation and setting up business for them this changed the lives of so many families forever. 

Next year January we want to extend this kind gesture to over 1000 children/ Women/ Teen Mother’s whose future look so bleak. 

We believe that we can do this together and secure the future of our great nation. Join our cause and LetsDoMore donate any amount to enroll the street child, Orphan, school drop out, teen mum in vocational training, women empowerment etc.  

When you donate Kindly send us one or two bold pictures of you so we can design a personalized TLOIN badge for you once your donation has been confirmed.This badge can be shared via social media to invite your friends to join you and make an impact in the lives of these kids. 

School Building Project!!                                               Our goal is to build Early Childhood Development Centers next year for our children.

The First  5years of a child has so much to do with how the child is better prepared to learn,acquire knowledge, know-how, and abilities that will pave way for them to advance in their studies and succeed in life.Early childhood education (ECDC ) will be designed to serve about 600-1000 children and Rural Women and girls with Vocational training. It will be accessible to poor, street kids, orphans and low income households, particularly those living in slums and remote communities. 

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