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wawolo radio, "wawolo" is the Ga translation for Wow, Our purpose is to broadcast the underground, be the voice for voice for the underground. The promotion of Creative Africans from Accra, Ghana and soon, Africa as a whole. Our main targets are creatives from the Music, Poetry, Fashion, Design & Art industry to come play their playlist, have interviews, play games, expose unreleased content. Basically, wawolo radio should be that creative space you would come chill, network and be inspired by others during interviews & music recording. With Better audio quality with the internet, the radio signal strength doesn’t determine how clear a signal is. The recipient will always receive high-quality audio. Also with a More engaging online community Alongside the advertisements, live chat groups can be created, making it very easy for people to start conversations, creating a thriving community, lastly, Worldwide coverage unlike broadcast radio, the internet makes worldwide coverage a very easy. Once the radio is being streamed via an individual IP address, it is linked to a domain name, and anyone with the domain name can listen to the radio from all over the world and we have all that ready here on wawoloradio.com

We currently looking for funding to fuel this project to another level, a better opportunity for both creatives and music lovers & Podcasters, we trying to stay consistent cause we have enough connects and content to, at the same time, the lack of resources and funding keeps slowing us down, We have a vision for the culture and we want to manifest it into reality

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